Try My Art on YOUR OWN Wall

Imagine you go to an art fair, see something you love, but you're not sure if the colors or size will be right for that empty spot on your wall.

Now imagine if you could try out art on your walls before you buy it. Actually visualize, in real time, what the piece would look like on your wall, in your space, with your decor, in all sizes?

I am proud to announce that with the help of augmented reality you can now use my website to do just that!

Watch the quick video below to see a demo. There's narration, so make sure your sound is turned on.

It’s so easy to use, and it works right through my site. You don’t have to download a special app, I wouldn’t do that to you!

Want to try it?

All you have to do is click this link with your phone or tablet and click the Live Preview AR button.

I know I talked fast in the video. You can replay it if you missed something, although it should be pretty straight-forward.

Quick note, if you are thinking of purchasing a print, make sure you choose your media (paper, canvas, metal print, etc.) first before going into the AR tool. The media type can affect what sizes are available.



You can get an answer to those age-old questions, “How big is this ACTUALLY going to look?” and "Will the colors work?"

I’m so excited to be able to offer this feature and ensure you all are able to shop with more confidence than ever before. 

If you run into any tech issues or you have any comments or questions, just
send me an email. ! I’d love to talk about my art with you.